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Pre Self-Non-Self Demo
'Til the Stars Shine: Lyric Book
A Taste of Forever
Loved Sampler

Solo Projects
Alison Shaw
Inrain (Alison Shaw collaboration)
Collaboration on Michael J Sheehy's 3rd Album
Collaboration on Dimitri Tikovöi's New Album

Jim Shaw
Twelve 88 Cartel - Sweating Furore - ep Bite Back! 1987
Twelve 88 Cartel - Kickback - Track on 'Make Ready For Revelation' compilation lp Bite Back! 1988
Psylons - Gimp - lp (All songs apart from tracks 1,3 and 9) Thunderbird 1994
Psylons - Emperor of Songs - remix track on 'Audio Postcards From The Concrete Nipple' compilation Mass Productions 1993

Paul Smith
The Blood EP - 2000, Click here to listen to samples.
Pure - 2002

Jon Callendar
Vex - Frontiers and New Technologies - Available through Cargo Distribution
Vex - King Tempo - Available at website.
Carmen Rosa

Mark Francombe
Uncle Ian
GOD.COM - Butterfly

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